Bea The Bambi – Touch & Play

4.392 kr.

Bea the bambi, touch & play is one of our newest activity toys designed with the Nordic nature in mind. With the heart in each animal we have created a collection, with a lot of fine and recognizable Nordic animals, for decoration in the children’s room and for many hours of play.

Bea the bambi, touch & play is a cute handmade knitted bambi that with its sweet face quickly creates a relationship with the baby and with its many details can be explored by the child from newborn. The bambi is an activity toy with leaves with crackle-sounds and a mirror. Velcro strap for attachment. Since the bambi is handmade, the expression may vary slightly from the image.

I’m made of


100% organic cotton (knit)
Filling: 100% recyclable polyester
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