FORPÖNTUN Lionelo – Hugo i-size Bílstóll – Black Carbon

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Lionelo Hugo i-Size Black Carbon

What distinguishes it:

· Grows with your child (100-150 cm)

· Compliant with the i-Size standard

· Reinforced side protection

· FWF (forward facing) installation position

· Universal mounting system – ISOFIX and seat belts or seat belts only

· Removable washable upholstery

Lionelo Hugo i-Size Black Carbon is a car seat that grows with your child – it’s designed for the 100-150 cm height group, which is from about 4 to 12 years old. Dedicated safety systems, which comply with the rigorous R129 standard, represent the highest standard of product performance. Hugo i-Size is characterized by a universal installation method – you can use both the ISOFIX system and the seat belts themselves. To further enhance safety, the seat features advanced side protection and a reinforced headrest with Memory Foam. The 8-position headrest adjustment and wide seat make the seat adaptable to the changing needs of the little passenger.

The highest safety standard

The headrest of the car seat is made of PP plastic and Memory Foam, which has overload-absorbing properties to protect your baby’s head and neck area. Meanwhile, the plastic guides not only help you fasten the toddler properly, but also keep the belt in place.

Easy and intuitive installation

The effectiveness of the car seat is determined primarily by correct installation. Therefore, to meet the needs of parents, Hugo i-Size is not only compatible with the ISOFIX system, but it can also be installed with 3-point seat belts. This allows the seat to fit any type of car. The distinctive green guides indicate to the parent how to correctly fasten the toddler with the seat belt, while the ISOFIX system has special markings that, by means of a color change, inform about the correct fastening of the seat.

Comfort even during the longest trips

For the sake of your child’s comfort, the entire seat – the seat, sides and headrest – is covered with EPE foam, which increases comfort during travel.  In addition, a mesh material was used on the seat, which guarantees good air circulation. With the changing needs of a growing toddler in mind, Hugo i-Size has a wide, comfortable seat, which not only provides ergonomics, but is crucial for the comfort of older children. Plus comfortable armrests that keep the belt in the right position.

Grows with your child

The seat is designed for forward-facing installation (FWF). It is dedicated to the 100-150 cm growth group. In the 100-150 cm growth range, Hugo i-Size can be installed using the ISOFIX system and 3-prong seat belts, or exclusively on the belts. On the other hand, in the 135-150 cm range, you can use the base option. The 8-position headrest adjustment, which allows one-handed operation, makes it easy for you to adjust the seat’s positioning to the requirements of your growing child.

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