Hérna má sjá hvað nokkrir viðskiptavinir erlendis hafa að segja um Roan Barnavagnanna – við hlökkum svo til að bæta inn umsögnum frá Íslendingum sem fyrst

I absolutely love this stroller and my little one loves it too! Everything about the Kortina pram bassinet and seat is wonderful and I’d recommended it to anyone in the market looking for something better than the cheaper travel systems. So many great features! So smooth! I love the big basket at the bottom and being able to face the seat either direction. We have been using it for almost a year now, and everything has been perfect.Elisabeth í Buffalo Grove, IL, USA
I was looking for nice pram when I found about Roan prams Kortina, so I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity and bought Kortina pram. These prams made in Europe with real old classic European quality and offer the same features as other brands that cost twice more. I am really happy with my Kortina and would recommend it to anyone!Robert USA
We are in Toronto, Canada & wanted to buy a classic pram that converted into a stroller with large inflatable wheels that can navigate through any terrain. There was nothing like this available in Canada or US and then we came across the Roan Kortina. This pram/stroller is FANTASTIC, way better than the ridiculously expensive boogaboos or storks out there and it is also much nicer looking and has a much sturdier construction-no plastic wheels or chassis like with the boogaboo. The pictures don’t do it justice and we were very impressed with it. Also loved dealing with the seller, since shipping was involved and Canadian customs is always difficult to deal with we were a bit worried about the shipping however the seller looked after it until the very end and kept us posted every step of the way. Its a steal of a deal for the asking price and we have gotten many compliments on the stroller so far. If you are thinking about getting one, definitely do, you won’t regret itArslan & Neil Toronto, Canada
From my past experience I knew there is only 2 options – spend hours jumping with baby inside or buy pram and let baby sleep outside while I am walking or reading, so I needed to buy a good pram stroller. After a lot time I spent for research, I bought Kortina pram and really happy with it! I think it’s the BEST VALUE ON THE MARKET! We have been using it every day for 8 months now and very nicely sized inflated wheels allow me to go almost everywhere even during the snow time. It has really great amortization and rides very smoothly even in my area were some rough roads. It has a lot of adjustable features and comes with raincover and mosquito net. I am pretty sure I could spent $$$ more, but could only hope for the same quality. I am looking forward to use this Kortina pram with seat unit for at least another 1-2 years (we just started to use it). I would buy it again in a heartbeat!Red Fox USA
I am absolutely in love with this Kortina pram!!! It’s so easy to adjust handle (my husband and I different height) and fold/unfold!! The bassinet is beautiful and my daughter loves lying in it. We did not use toddler seat yet, so there is no comments on it, but it looks very solid with 5 harness points and you can adjust backrest and footrest. This pram stroller is sturdy and I feel that my baby is safe and secure in it. I would absolutely recommend Kortina Pram to anyone looking for a pram stroller. I see no reason to pay for a “big name” when you can have this pram stroller and it looks and functions the same if not better than any $$$ pramNataliya (mom of 3) LA, USA
We are using this stroller 3 years in a row with our second daughter already and really like it.

When we were choosing a stroller we wanted some classic pram with roomy bassinet, seat unit, big wheels, nice suspension and Kortina was the right choice (plus the price is great, too). We (mostly my wife) were/are using this pram almost every day.

It’s very easy to fold (you just have to push buttons on both side at the same time). You also can adjust handle heights, so people with different heights can use it. They also include rain cover and mosquito net.

After 3 years, the wheels do not look new any more, but what would you expect after 900 days outside during snow and rain…

We are really glad we bought Kortina instead of spending a fortune for a very expensive pram-stroller where you spend 40% to cover their expenses for commercialGreg Howell, NJ, USA

I am using Kortina pram 2-in-1 for more than 2 years and really happy with it. I used it with bassinet in the beginning and now using with a seat. I personally think baby sleep much better outside and my son was falling asleep right away in this pram first few months. In general, Roan does great classic prams (strollers). I am very glad I bought Kortina pram and not any over-expensive convertible stroller.


2-in-1 Pram with bassinet and seat unit
Very nice spaced bassinet
Great amortization on rough surfaces
Good size air-pump wheels
A lot of adjustable features: handle, backrest and footrest
Very easy fold chassis for transportation
Kortina Pram comes with raincover and mosquito net, so you should not spend additional money for these accessories.


The only thing I think they can improve is made the front wheels spin around; but to be honest, I do not think it’s possible on such a great suspension and its still maneuvers pretty good like it is.Nika USA