Lionelo – Luuk Fix i-size Bílstóll – Black Carbon

12.890 kr.


FRÍR aukahlutapakki að verðmæti 14.470 kr fylgir öllum keyptum bílstólum á dögunum 14-26.maí ; (Sætishlíf, Bílaspegill, Sólskyggni).


Lionelo Luuk Fix i-Size Black Carbon car seat

The comfortable and functional Lionelo Luuk Fix i-Size car seat features an easy installation system, comfortable seat and armrests for little travelers.

Safety while on the road

The Lionelo Luuk Fix Black Carbon i-Size car seat is perfect for when your child outgrows the infant car seat. It was created with older children in mind, with a height group between 125 cm and 150 cm and a weight range between 22 and 36 kilograms. Safety is ensured by stable installation using the ISOFIX system and car belts, or the belts themselves. With the Lionelo Luuk Fix i-Size, the car seat belts with which the child is secured will be in the right position.

The comfort of a child

Comfortable even on a long trip? The Lionelo Luuk Fix i-Size car seat is designed to help your child relax even during long hours in the car. And this is due, among other things, to the armrests, which are not only responsible for comfort, but also keep the belts in the right place. Also noteworthy is the wide soft seat, which is additionally covered with EPE foam.


Materials used

Lionelo Luuk Fix i-Size uses only the highest quality materials. The combination of high quality plastic and EPE foam guarantees that the whole thing will serve you for really many trips! In addition, the cover can be easily removed and washed.

Lifetime warranty – Lionelo Assistance program

When you buy any Lionelo product, you get a lifetime warranty under the Lionelo Assistance program at no extra charge. Lionelo Assistance also includes free door-to-door repair and a replacement product for the duration of servicing.

Af öryggisástæðum er ekki leyfilegt að skila/skipta bílstólum. Við bjóðum uppá að fá að máta stóla í bílinn til að vera viss um að hann passi.

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