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Bruse Dúnúlpa – Chocolate Martini/Dökkbrún

15.992 kr.

Geilo is a wonderful, light jacket with down insulation and an outer material that is hard-wearing and water-repellent. This makes the jacket warm and light, and it takes up little space if it is to be packed away. Smart slip pockets with zip for storage. The hood is removable for safety reasons. Beautiful, elastic edging are nice details.

Washing instructions: Machine wash at 30 degrees. The garment should be drip dried, but towards the end of the drying process, the garment should be tumble dried with 3-4 tennis balls to restore the down’s resilience. The garment must be COMPLETELY dry before the drying process ends. The garment must not be ironed, steamed, bleached or cleaned.

Outer fabric/lining: 100% Nylon, Filling: 90% Down, 10% Feather, Cuin 550

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