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Braam i-size 40-150cm Bílstóll – Black Carbon

66.890 kr.


Lionelo Braam I-size Black Carbon car seat

Lionelo Braam i-Size car seat meets the requirements of the strictest i-Size safety standard, so it guarantees excellent protection for your child from birth up to 150 cm. You can securely and easily install it using the ISOFIX system and the stabilizing leg. Dedicated safety systems protect your child during the ride, and well-thought-out design solutions ensure comfortable travel. In addition, our seat also takes care of comfort for the parent – the 360°EasyTurn function is sure to be appreciated by everyone! Thanks to a wide range of adjustment options and the possibility of mounting the seat forward and rearward facing, you can be sure that this model will work for every stage of life of the little passenger.

Safety comes first

The Lionelo Braam i-Size car seat meets the most strict i-Size safety requirements and provides optimal protection. Since side crashes, right next to frontal crashes, are the most common cause of car accidents, we equipped our model with a side protection system and a headrest with Tri-Guard technology (a combination of 3 different layers of materials, including EPS polystyrene and Memory Foam, characterized by extraordinary resilience). The shell is made of PP plastic and HDPE reinforced with steel elements that increase the structural integrity of the seat. This allows the seat to absorb overloads, dispersing the forces of impact so as to protect the child’s head, neck and shoulders as much as possible.

The model is integrated with a base with ISOFIX system and a stabilizing leg, along with indicators for correct installation. According to the recommendations of experts, we recommend transporting the child rear-facing for as long as possible, and in the Braam i-Size seat allows RWF installation up to about 4 years of age (105cm). Forward travel is possible from 76cm to 150cm.

Travel comfort at any age.

The Lionelo Braam I-size Black Carbon car seat grows with your child. It will serve you from the day your child is born until about 12 years of age. The comfort of the smallest children is taken care of by special reduction inserts, which fill the seat and flatten the child’s position, guaranteeing physiologically correct body positioning. For the sake of proper ventilation and air flow, we have equipped the inserts with Dri Seat system.

With 5 comfortable reclining positions, in both rear- and forward-facing positions, the Braam i-Size car seat provides your child with unparalleled comfort on the road, whether it’s watching its surroundings out of the window or taking a nap. The reclining backrest also allows you to set optimal recline angles for the smallest travelers. The use of an anti-rotation frame provides more legroom. A system of protective and non-slip pads on the shoulder belts and on the central buckle protects the baby’s delicate skin from excessive pressure.


For the comfort of slightly larger children, the seat is covered with EPE foam. The design of the seat itself is wide enough to accommodate larger children, and the 14-position height adjustment of the head restraint adjusts to the child’s size.

We keep parents’ comfort in mind

Every parent will appreciate the ease of use provided by, among other things, the handy 360°EasyTurn function, which makes buckling your child into the seat and taking it out of the car easy and comfortable. The function works smoothly thanks to the design of the base with an anti-rotation

frame – as the seat is not in contact with the car’s couch. The rotation of the seat also makes it easier to properly secure the child with 5-point seat belts. The height adjustment of the headrest integrated with the height adjustment of the shoulder straps makes it easy and precise to adjust the seat to your growing child. In addition, the mechanism for adjusting the inner belts allows them to be tightened with a single pull of the hand. Magnetic belt holders make it easy to put and buckle the child in the seat. This is all with the idea of making car travel safe and enjoyable for the whole family.


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