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Lionelo Síma & Glasahaldari

3.490 kr.

Stroller holder Lionelo Ove

A handy and universal holder suitable for any stroller.

● 2in1 – a stroller holder for a mug and mobile phone

● Universal fixing system 360°

● Light and handy structure

● Simple and elegant design

● 2in1 – stroller holder for a mug and mobile phone

This functional item makes the baby bottle or coffee mug and mobile phone always within arm’s reach.

● Universal fixing system 360°

The easy and stable installation is based on a universal strap with a strong Velcro to which you can attach the holder at any angle.

● Light and handy structure

The holder is very handy while walking with a child, and does not overload the stroller.

● Simple and elegant design

The classic style and universal black color matches any shade and pattern of the upholstery.



– Functionality

– Installation/Comfort


Handy item for a parent

Lionelo Ove is a small yet very practical product which you should supply your child stroller with. Thanks to the fact that the product can be used both as a mug holder and mobile phone holder, it is perfect during short and long walks. In effect everything remains in one place, within arm’s reach.

Suitable for any stroller

The universal strap for fixing the holder on the stroller frame is reliable and user-friendly. All you need to do is wrap it around the handle and fasten tight. A rotating connector 360° allows you to set Ove at any angle – as per your liking.



Model: Ove

Functions: 2 in 1: mug and phone holder


dimensions: 12,5 x 9,5 x 15,5 cm

Product weight:

Functionality: universal fixing system 360°

Fabrics: ABS

Set: holder, strap for fixing on stroller frame

Guarantee: life-long

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