VildarVinir fá VildarVerð í vefverslun (Kóði: VildarVinir)

Leikteppi + leikgrind – Ljóst

29.990 kr.

Our multi-functional activity nest is produced in 100% organic cotton. The activity nest is developed to grow with your child. Use it as an extended babynest, an activity gym, a playpen or a play mattress. Close the sides and attach toys to the loops to create a fun safe space for your newborn baby. You can also use our activity nest as a larger baby nest, which is suitable for twins.
Fold the sides down to sit on the mattress with your little one or give your little one the possibility to crawl around. Close the activity nest with a leather buckle that is clicked on with press studs.

My size:


Height (cm) 20
Width (cm) 80
Length (cm) 80
Net. weight (grams) 3260
I’m made of:


100% organic cotton.
Filling: Polyester and wooden cardboards

Take care of me:


Take care & wipe with damp cloth if needed

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