Lionelo Natt Kerra – Black Onyx

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When choosing a stroller for their child, parents dream that it will not only be comfortable for the child and easy to drive, but also that it will last for several years. With this in mind, we created the Lionelo Natt stroller, which has a load capacity of up to 22 kg and is suitable for children from birth to about 4 years old.

Safety and comfort

The Natt model is equipped with pumped, large off-road wheels with deep tread, which ensure comfort and good handling of the stroller in all conditions. The front ones are rotatable 360′ and have the ability to lock for straight forward movement. You can stop the stroller at any time with the central foot brake. The safety of the little traveller will be ensured by 5-point belts with covers and adjustment of their length and height in 2 positions. Its comfort will be taken care of by full cushioning, both at the front and rear. Reflective elements on the booth and basket, are responsible for visibility after dusk.


Even more features


Included with the Lionelo Natt stroller you’ll find a UPF50+ filter-equipped XXL stroller canopy to protect your little one in changing weather. A detachable ventilation panel is available when the backrest is unfolded, and with the help of a convenient strap you have the option to smoothly adjust the tilt of the backrest to the reclining position. Lionelo Natt offers a very large surface for the child. When the backrest is unfolded to the reclining position, it is as much as 92 cm.


With parent’s comfort in mind

You can adjust the comfortable handle for the parent at 11 different levels, from 75 cm to 113 cm. You can easily adjust it to your preferences. For this, the barrier will detach at any time, if necessary. You can fit up to 3 kilograms of shopping and all the accessories you need into the large, roomy basket. You are assured that they will be safe while walking, as it is zipped from the top. In addition, behind the backrest you will also find a handy pocket for small items. This is also where the ventilation panel is located. When folded, the Natt model stands upright. If you don’t need it at the time, you will store it without any problem.

Keeping clean won’t be a problem

Lionelo Natt stroller has a comfortable footrest with 5-position adjustment, which is finished with technical fabric, which provides the so-called “clean zone”. If it gets dirty, you can you can remove the cover, the seat, and the basket and booth. Clean the frame of the stroller with a damp cloth, and wash the cover and basket by hand at 30’C.

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