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The standing activity board will make your child learn creativity – all thanks to the possibility of independent learning about new elements. activity boards are not only toys that contain many interesting components, but above all they are a milestone in the development of your child. The Premium double activity board is a real dream for toddlers and safe access to everyday objects. The product is intended from 3 years of age, only under the supervision of an adult.

The activity board is standing and double-sided, which means that it is perfect for two children playing. The sensory board consists of many elements that the child develops – the toddler has the opportunity to explore the world by touching new objects. The double handling board is the most extensive and portable model – it can be folded and taken with you even on vacation. They consist of various components:

  • Beads;
  • Sprockets;
  • Spirals;
  • Castles;
  • Lock.

It is not a toy for only one season, because numerous elements make the child learn and overcome subsequent degrees of difficulty along with a given stage of development. As many as 50 elements on the activity board makes the child develop such soft skills as:

  • memory;
  • patience;
  • perseverance;
  • Concentration;
  • logical thinking.


Our standing handling boards are made of natural, eco-friendly components and are 100% safe for children. We use non-toxic paint, high quality wood and selected components. Double activity boards are completely safe toys, which is confirmed by Certificate of Conformity with Toy Safety Standards PN-EN 71-1 and PN-EN 71-2.


Educational toys must meet the huge requirements of small users and their parents and implement the guidelines of experts (educators, physiotherapists) to really support the development of young people. A standing activity board is an introduction to life in society and the everyday world.

13 kg – 2 plates 50 cm x 62,5 cm – Standing product – Wooden plywood
• sprockets of various sizes
• clock with moving hands • belt with buckle • large bolt
bolt • bicycle bell• colorful beads on strings• sorter with 3 shapes (triangle, circle, square)
• furniture wheels• spiral labyrinth with airplane or butterfly• Zipper • Panel with 3 color LEDs and switches
• Shoe with lace
• Furniture latch • Crank• Door with a set of closures (knob, twisted deadbolts, handle, closure)
• stickers with two animals under the door• chain deadbolt
• chalk boardDepending on the production batch, handling boards may have minor differences resulting from the natural structure of wood and manual work. Depending on the batch, the manipulation boards may also have a handle on the right or left.

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