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Antoon Plus i-size 40-105cm Bílstóll – Black Onyx

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Antoon Plus – Lionelo baby seat with ADAC certification

Antoon Plus is a baby seat from Lionelo brand with safety certification from the German institute ADAC. Antoon was selected for testing, by the independent research institute ADAC, based on the results of the popularity of this seat model in the German market and its innovation. The tested seat is verified for: safety, ease of use, ergonomics and chemical content. Each of these elements, in cooperation with ADAC, is tested by another independent institute. Lionelo’s Antoon Plus Black Onyx baby seat has successfully passed all 4 stages of testing and received a score of 2.9 points earning it ADAC certification. The Lionelo Antoon Plus baby seat received a high 4 stars for safety! The protection the seat provides in frontal and side impacts was recognized.

Advanced crash tests

The Antoon Plus Black Onyx baby seat has i-Size type-approval, the standards of which were developed based on years of research conducted by renowned centers around the world. To be certified by the TÜV testing body, a product must pass frontal, rear and side rigorous crash tests. The i-Size standard emphasizes installing baby seats using the ISOFIX system and fitting them based on the child’s height rather than weight.

Comfortable travel in an adjustable seat

Antoon Plus Black Onyx is a comfortable and versatile baby seat that offers a high level of safety, as confirmed by i-Size approval. It provides the ability to carry your child not only forward-facing, but also rear-facing, and for the entire period of use of the seat. Antoon Plus Black Onyx is designed for children belonging to the height group from 40 cm to 105 cm (or weighing up to about 18 kg).

Easy installation and reinforced seat structure

Thanks to the ISOFIX system and the stabilizing leg, installation of the Antoon Plus Black Onyx baby seat is quick and easy. The model is equipped with strong straps that have additional cushions to prevent abrasion of the child’s skin, as well as anti-slip pads to secure their proper position. In turn, the use of belt buckles from the Swedish company Holmbergs further raises the safety standards of the adopted solutions.

The massive and sturdy construction of the Antoon Plus Black Onyx model was built with energy-intensive materials. The seat also received SIPS side reinforcements and a reinforced headrest.

Functionality and safe traveling

Using a 360-degree rotating base, Antoon Plus Black Onyx offers a very high level of functionality and performance. The rotational nature of the seat, without the need to unbolt it from the rails, allows it to rotate freely toward the car door to comfortably place or effortlessly pull out the toddler. Special belt holders also help.

Antoon Plus Black Onyx is designed so that the youngest can travel rear-facing, as recommended by safety experts, and from the first days of their lives until they reach 105

cm in height. At the same time, it allows forward-facing transport provided the child is in the height range of 76 cm – 105 cm.

Comfortable travel

The baby seat has a 10-position headrest adjustment, making it grow with your child. The function has also been integrated into the harness adjustment, so that modifying the position of the headrest does not force a change in its setting each time. The Antoon Plus Black Onyx model comes with a foam cushion designed for the youngest children, made of high-quality memory foam material. The material effectively absorbs strain and adapts to the shape of the head, while influencing greater comfort.

The backrest of the Antoon Plus Black Onyx seat has a 5-position tilt adjustment (4 levels forward-facing, 1 level rear-facing), making it easy to change its position from sitting to semi-reclining. The seat also comes with a lumbar insert to protect the child’s spine and a Dri-Seat insert to ensure proper air circulation and allow the skin to breathe. In turn, on sunny days, the included canopy will protect the baby from the intense sun. In addition, Antoon Plus Black Onyx has a soft, flexible and durable cover that can be washed at 30 degrees.

Child Card – emergency assistance

Included with the Antoon Plus Black Onyx baby seat is a Child Card used to collect basic information about your toddler’s health (such as blood type or drug allergies), which may be important to doctors or emergency responders. The completed card should be placed in a visible place on the seat so that in the event of an accident, emergency professionals will have direct access to the necessary data.

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