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Bílaspegill – Lionelo

4.990 kr.

Lionelo Sett Black Carbon car baby-watching mirror

Parenthood is full of challenges, one of which is traveling with a toddler. When you go somewhere with the whole family, or go on a trip with three of you, one of you can take a seat in the back and entertain the toddler. But what about when you face a solo trip with a child? Then an essential accessory will prove to be the Lionelo Sett Black Carbon car baby-watching mirror.


Wide field of view


The mirror is designed so that its size (24.8 cm x 17.5 cm) provides parents with a stable, clear image and a wide field of view. You can safely watch your child in a rear-facing seat. On the other hand, your little one is guaranteed to be entertained on the road and enjoy watching their own reflection.


Suitable for all types of cars


The Lionelo Sett Black Carbon car baby-watching mirror will easily mount to the headrest in any car. The adjustable straps and buckle will help. You can quickly and easily remove them and change their placement. The 360-degree swivel allows the accessory to be placed in any position and at any angle.

Discover even more benefits of Lionelo mirror

Sett Black Carbon is a modern, safe accessory, made of unbreakable ABS plastic and acrylic glass. You can take it anywhere with you, it weighs only 0.35 kg. When designing the mirror, we also took into account that it should have a nice design and fit into the interior of any car. In addition, it was finished with a pleasant-to-the-touch material.

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