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Villy Sparkhjól – Beige Latte 1 árs+

12.890 kr.


Is your baby curious about everything around it? Traveling the world will be made easier for it with our Lionelo Villy 4-wheeled ride-on toy. It will work great as a gift! It is a guarantee of joy and, most importantly for all parents, complete safety. Get to know more about our bicycle, which positively influences the development of the toddler’s motor skills, improves coordination and teaches balance.

Stability first

At Lionelo, we know how important it is to keep your little one safe while they’re having all the fun! That’s why our Villy ride-on has been created so that your baby won’t get hurt during mischief, and its frame designed with an awareness of how a toddler’s body is laid out. The bicycle is fully stable, thanks to four wheels and shock absorption in the front frame fork. Great traction is guaranteed by wheels made of a combination of EVA foam and TPR plastic. The bicycle has also been equipped with a steering lock.

Your child’s comfort

Comfort for long hours of play? Yes! The Lionelo Villy bicycle has a comfortable saddle with a double layer of padding, so the little one will be able to sit comfortably while exploring the world. The handlebar grips are soft and non-slip. In addition, they taper to the center of the structure, forming appropriate habits.

With parents in mind

The Lionelo Villy  ride-on toy is easy to install and very lightweight product, so the toddler does not have to part with its beloved bicycle even on vacation! In the event that the equipment gets dirty while playing, just wipe the frame with a wet cloth. The whole thing is made of high-quality materials, which means that it will serve for a really long time.

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