Lionelo – Astriid i-size Bílstóll + Base – Beige Sand

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Astriid ungbarnabílstóll + Base með ISOFIX festingum. 

The Astrid i-Size car seat complies with the latest R129 standard otherwise known as i-Size. As a result, it guarantees the highest level of security in accordance with the most restrictive standards. The carrier is dedicated for children in the 40-87 cm growth group – it is a great choice for the first seat for a toddler. The safety systems used protect the child during the trip, and thoughtful design solutions ensure comfort. Astrid i-Size is designed for rear-facing installation and features 3-point seat belts and an adjustable headrest for added protection and comfort. The seat is compatible with universal stroller adapters and an ISOFIX base, which is available for sale separately.

Lionelo Astrid i-Size – safety is our priority

When it comes to car seats, safety is key. That’s why Lionelo Astrid i-Size is equipped with dedicated safety systems to ensure the greatest protection for your toddler.

First of all, the shell of the car seat is made of PP plastic, which is additionally reinforced with EPP plastic. The aforementioned material resembles polystyrene with its structure, but shows much better physical and chemical properties. It is also characterized by great strength – it is resistant to high overloads, and at the same time does not deform, is very light and recyclable.

As recent studies indicate, side crashes, along with frontal crashes, are among the most common types of collisions. This is when the toddler’s head and cervical region are most vulnerable to injury. Therefore, we have introduced a number of dedicated safety features. The headrest of the seat is made of Memory Foam, which, thanks to its high resilience, perfectly absorbs overloads. Meanwhile, the advanced side protection guarantees the highest level of safety. The seat also has a 3-point seat belt with buckle from the renowned Holmbergs brand, which features increased durability.

Convenience and comfort of the child

Lionelo Astrid i-Size is a car seat that grows with your little one. With the smallest children in mind, we have equipped it with a reduction insert, along with a lumbar insert, which, by flattening the seat, provides the child with an anatomically correct position. Meanwhile, the Dri-Seat system ensures proper air circulation.

The headrest can be adjusted up to 7 cm, so you can adjust it to your child’s height. The height adjustment of the belts is integrated with the height adjustment of the headrest. In addition, we have equipped the belts with special pads to protect your baby’s delicate skin from abrasions.

You can adjust the Astrid i-Size to the changing needs of your growing child – the reduction inserts can be removed to increase space. The carrier also has a canopy that protects from the sun’s rays.

Comfort for the parent

Astrid i-Size is first and foremost a universal car seat – because of its ability to be installed with seat belts, it is suitable for any car. The seat is also compatible with an ISOFIX base, which can be purchased separately. To further facilitate installation, there are plastic guides that show how to properly fasten the seat.

Meanwhile, the headrest adjustment integrated with the inner belts makes it easy to adjust the carrier’s positioning to your child’s height and needs. A special adjustment mechanism makes it possible to tighten them with a single pull of the hand.

We know that even the shortest trip with a toddler can be a challenge, so the entire cover can be removed and washed, so you can easily keep the seat clean. The seat’s lightweight design is comfortable for everyday use. We also made sure that the Astrid i-Size is compatible with universal stroller adapters and ISOFIX base


The Astrid i-Size seat base is a functional solution for maximum safety. With its help you can quickly insert and remove the car seat and significantly speed up the installation process. The base is compatible with ISOFIX system – you just need to clip it into the connectors located between the backrest and the car seat bench. Special markings on the base inform the user about the correct installation. The set includes a stabilizing leg that provides an additional point of support, increasing safety. The product is dedicated to the Astrid i-Size car seat and is sold separately.

Guaranteed correct installation

To properly install the base, simply clip it into the ISOFIX attachments located between the couch and the seat back and attach the stabilizing leg. To ensure complete safety, the base has special indicators that inform about the correct installation – if the entire installation process was successful, the markers will change color from red to green.

The highest safety standard

The offered base is compliant with the strict i-Size standard, so it meets the highest safety standards. The ISOFIX system is responsible for attaching the base of the car seat, while the stabilizing leg attached to the base provides rigid support, so that during sudden braking, the carrier will be firmly attached to the car’s bench seat. The whole structure is made of high-quality materials, such as PP, steel and aluminum.

It makes everyday travel with your child easier

Thanks to the presence of the base, we do not have to carry out time-consuming installation every time – after removing the car seat, the base remains clipped in. In turn, the latching system used means that when placing the carrier back in the base, a characteristic sound will inform us that the seat is properly clipped in. For easy storage, the included stabilizing leg can be stowed in the base

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