Lionelo Bart Tour – Grey Stone

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Lionelo Bart Tour–balance bike

Lionelo Bart Tour balance bike is a perfect model for first independent riding. Thanks to the use of a well-balanced magnesium crossbar, the light structure supports riding and balancing. The entire product is only 3,3 kg heavy. The child can therefore push the bike up the hill on its own.

Security guaranteed

The certificate issued by the independent SGS research laboratory confirms solid structure and reliability of systems. The child is protected by anti-skidding handlebars with a lock which prevents sliding and a rubber cover on the handlebars connecting point. Turn limiters reduce a collapsing risk. The product meets requirements of the European standard EN 71.

Full adjustment

Since it is possible to adjust height of the seat and handlebars, you can fully adapt the bike to the child, assuring comfortable riding at any age. A small footrest guarantees comfortable position of legs when the bike gets some speed.

A lot of child’s fun

A unique shape of the crossbar makes Bart Tour stand out in the group of other baby bicycles. A sports style will be appreciated both by a small user and an adult parent. The handle which is built into the crossbar allows handling when a small explorer lacks power to keep going

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