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Lionelo Ingrid Kerra – Grey Stone

49.890 kr.

What sets it apart:

· From 6 months to 4 years and/or 22 kg

· Panoramic ventilation panel behind the backrest

· Innovative waterproof shopping basket with easy access

· One-hand folding capability with auto-folding system

· Universal large EVA foam wheels – 15 and 19.5 cm

· XXL waterproof canopy with UPF50+ filter

· Compact size when folded and low weight

Lionelo Ingrid Black Onyx is dedicated to children in the age range from 6 months to 4 years, so it can serve as the first as well as the last stroller. The large XXL canopy with UPF50+ filter and waterproof cover guarantees comfort during any walk. Universal rotating wheels made of EVA foam will work well both during walks in the city and on the forest path. The compact size of the stroller, combined with the auto-folding system and the ability to fold with one hand, guarantee convenience during any trip. The 5-position footrest adjustment and 3-position backrest adjustment with the option to recline make the stroller’s positioning adaptable to the baby’s preferences. And the innovative ventilation panel behind the backrest guarantees constant air circulation – even on the hottest days.

Grows with your child

The Ingrid stroller is designed for children who are between the ages of 6 months and 4 years or until they reach a weight of 22 kg. The 5-position footrest adjustment makes the stroller easily adaptable to your child’s changing needs. Adjustable 5-point belts with a cover not only do not irritate the baby’s delicate skin, but allow you to adjust the height to suit the height of the child.

Universal wheels

Large and maintenance-free EVA foam wheels are characterized by their universality – they are both lightweight and durable. The ability to rotate 360° makes the wheels highly agile and provides free maneuverability. Double cushioning – located at the front and rear guarantees comfort even when overcoming bumps. The stroller has a central foot brake with signaling.

Ease of folding

The stroller is equipped with an auto-folding system, which makes the stroller automatically fold to a compact size at the press of a button and release the lock. The whole process is done with one hand.

XXL canopy

Ingrid is equipped with a waterproof XXL canopy with UPF50+ filter, which not only protects the child from the sun, wind or rain, but also insulates from excess stimuli. In addition, the booth has been equipped with a special magnet-fastened peephole, which allows the parent to keep an eye on the child while walking.

Comfort for the child

The 3-position adjustable backrest with the option to assume the reclining position ensures comfort during any walk. The innovative panoramic ventilation panel, which is located behind the backrest, guarantees air circulation even during the greatest heat.

With the parent in mind

Ingrid has a built-in and waterproof shopping basket that can be freely unzipped at the sides for easy daily use. With a load capacity of up to 3 kg, you can store all your essentials in it. For the safety of parent and child, the stroller has reflective side strips for better visibility after dark.

The set

In addition to basic equipment such as the frame and wheels, the set also includes a handy cup holder that can be clipped to the stroller frame and a mosquito net.

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