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Viðar Þrautabretti – MINI m/led ljósum

12.890 kr.


We noticed a special interest of your children in one element on our activity boards – a panel with lights, which gave us a positive stimulus to create a separate product – a compact wooden toy that will simultaneously accommodate a variety of electronic components, but will still be comfortable to play with for the smallest hands. This is how our unique product was created!The compact panel with colored lights is an interactive toy for children, which consists of various types of switches and diodes, allowing the child to experiment and learn through play. Each button works in a completely different way and triggers a different visual effect, lights in different colors or flickering, which allows you to create a variety of combinations of lights and interesting patterns.It’s an ideal way to learn the basics of electronics, develop manual skills and creativity, and help you understand the cause-and-effect relationship.The panel is powered by replaceable batteries: 2xAA, which you can easily replace by unscrewing the bottom lid.

The highest quality and safety guaranteed!

Your child’s safety is our top priority! You can trust us, because we are one of the few that rigorously test entire boards, not just some of their elements. By buying an LED panel, you get a guarantee of quality and safety in compliance with EU standards (EN-71), which is confirmed by tests carried out in external, accredited testing laboratories. All paints and varnishes used for production are ecological, non-toxic and natural – we dare say that their composition is better than that in some sweets!

14 x 10 cm – Portable product – Wooden plywood

The electronic panel, safe for small hands, has:

  • cable with plug -> green light
  • yellow on/off switch -> turning on the yellow light
  • toggle switch -> turning on the red light
  • red -> button lighting up the flashing LED
  • white button -> illuminating momentary reflector
  • chalk plate for saving important parameters 🙂

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