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Viðar Þrautabretti – MINI – Blátt/Bleikt

8.890 kr.


A handy and portable activity board. Its attractive and compact form is ideal for going out for a walk or a longer journey. During the trip, your child will spend time fruitfully, develop motor skills and hand coordination, and improve dexterity and concentration. Thanks to it, you will provide yourself and your child with a journey full of joy! The MINI handling board has a lot of interesting elements, so your child will spend many valuable hours exploring all these functions. The product is intended from 3 years of age, only under the supervision of an adult

  • Safe and certified toy.
  • Created and packed in a plan compatible with nature.
  • Light and comfortable to play with.
  • It fits a suitcase or backpack.
  • Your child will definitely not get bored.
  • During play, the child develops his natural curiosity about the world and independence.
  • Sensory exercises are an integral part of fun.


Safely tested and designed for your little one’s little hands. The elements are painted with hypoallergenic and odorless paint, and glued wood has the appropriate certificates. All surfaces are carefully polished and the corners are rounded. There are no sharp, cutting or other elements that can be dangerous.
Our activity boards are completely safe toys, which is confirmed, Certificate of Compliance with the standards for toy safety PN-EN 71-1 and PN-EN 71-2.


The activity board is filled with fun and at the same time serves as a creative tool to improve the child’s learning skills. It is a simple activity that will make your child willing to take on challenges and show a natural interest in the environment around him.

3 kg – 25cm x 25cm – Wooden plywood