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Viðar Þrautabretti – Vélmenni

12.890 kr.


“Hello! I am Robo. My task is to keep your child entertained with useful and developing fun!
The best combination of small size, friendly robot character and a large number of engaging elements! Thanks to its compact size, you can easily carry it and even take it with you on holiday – we guarantee that it will work better than a whole bag of toys.
The Robo Acticity Board is not just another toy that your child will get bored of after a few minutes of play. On the contrary! It will engage them for loooong hours, giving you a moment of peace and relaxation! All the elements of our most compact whiteboard support the child’s development and teach patience in exploring the world. It is a timeless educational toy that will work at various stages of toddler’s development. Little explorers return to it after a month or a year and get to know the individual elements anew
Your child’s safety is our top priority! You can trust us, because we are one of the few that rigorously test entire boards, not just some of their elements. When you buy a Robo board, you get a guarantee of quality and safety in compliance with EU standards (EN-71), which is confirmed by tests carried out in external, accredited research laboratories. You don’t have to worry when your baby takes anything in his mouth! All paints and varnishes used for production are ecological, non-toxic and natural – we dare say that their composition is better than that in some sweets!
40 x 27 cm
Wooden plywood
  • large and small sprocket
  • antennas: beads on a string
  • sliding brick
  • furniture latch
  • cable with plug
  • Cable plugging socket
  • wooden screw with movable key
  • opening door with knob and clasp
  • Sticker of the mechanism under the door
  • Velcro
  • furniture wheel
  • bicycle bell
  • Stretchable sensory tube

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