VildarVinir fá VildarVerð í vefverslun (Kóði: VildarVinir)

Snuð 6m+ Dark Blue

900 kr.

A 2-pack with fine pacifiers produced with symmetrical pacifier head of soft and durable clear silicone.
The pacifier’s shield is designed with a curved shape at the top, which provides plenty of space for the baby’s nose tip, the pacifier also has ventilation holes that provide air around the baby’s mouth.
The pacifier has a solid safety ring, so it makes it possible to put the pacifier in one of our many pacifier holders.
Remember to scald the pacifier before using it to sterilize it – and then do it regularly.
The pacifier head can become tender over time, so remember to check the pacifier and replace it in the event of breakage and wear.
The pacifier is suitable for children from 6 months.

I’m made of
100 % silicone & Polypropylene (PP) (Free from BPA)
Take care of me

Always control the pacifiers before use and pull it in all directions. If it seems broken or damaged in any way throw it away.

Sterilize the pacifiers before first use by boiling them for 5 minutes or by following “Sterilizing of the pacifiers in the microwave” in the leaflet.

We recommend cleaning the pacifiers before every use.

We recommend to replace the pacifiers after 1-2 months usage due to safety and hygiene.

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