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Lionelo Whizz Hlaupahjól – Neo Black/Multicolour

16.890 kr.


Maneuverable and durable pro scooter Lionelo Whizz

A freestyle scooter Lionelo Whizz with HIC compression system assures high riding comfort. Its low weight – only 3,29 kg – allows fast riding and helps you jump. A four-fold clamp and a broad deck (100 mm) guarantee stability, which is important when riding on rails and curbs.

Considerable possibilities and safe systems

HIC compression system raises smoothness and stability of use. A strong steel Flex Fender brake is always ready to stop the vehicle. The product meets requirements of the European security standard EN 14619.

Convenient and stable

A broad deck lets you position legs comfortably and remains very light so that you can easily jump. T-bar, 620 mm high and 570 mm wide, is not supplied with a turn interlock, which increases maneuverability and helps you jump high and do no-hand tricks.

Modern graphics of Street Art artist

A black crossbar, blue anodized lacquer and street-art graphic design on the deck make Lionelo Whizz stand out in the group of other scooters in the skate park. Flexible wheels with a wire core match the entire product in terms of style, and above all perform perfectly when learning to ride on the road

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