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Twee-Go Brjóstapumpa – Lionelo

14.890 kr.


Mobile breast pump for one or two breasts

The functional breastpump – Lionelo Twee Go – lets you express milk from one or both breasts conveniently and fast. The use is easy thanks to the intuitive panel with parameters adjustment. The built-in storage battery, charged trough a USB cable allows you to milk at any time and in any place.

Comfortable, sterile and safe

Antibacterial pads made of soft silicone adjust to the shape of woman’s breast, assuring high comfort and hygiene. The milk accessories are free from harmful bisphenol A (BPA free).

User-friendly panel with LED display

The operation of Lionelo Twee Go breast pump reproduces the child’s natural suction rhythm. After starting the device the automatic mode runs instantly. It begins from the massage mode and switches into milk expressing mode 3 minutes later. The parameters displayed on a LED screen can be changed as per one’s liking.

Full range of accessories

It is possible to supply power to the breast pump in two ways – from the elecrtir socket and with a USB cable. A full battery allows 90 minutes of wireless operation (depending on the specific mode.) The set includes all items required to express and store milk. 2 bottles (150 ml). 2 milk containers, a cotton breast pump holder, 2 funnels, 2 funnel covers and a USB cable.

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