Burðarpoki Margareet – Wave

10.312 kr.

Closeness and care for child’s health

Margareet carrier lets parents carry the child in 3 positions, depending on its age. The product assures suitable position of the child’s body and legs which must be in a „frog legs” position. Margareet is equipped with a broad fabric panel which supports the child’s backbone in a natural position, and an ergonomic headrest responsible for supporting child’s head. The product has passed all tests of the International Hip Displasia Institute (IHDI).

Safe solutions confirmed

Margareet has a double protection of hip belt buckle which guarantees stability of the child’s position in any situation. Easy folding and considerable adjustment make the product easily adaptable to child’s and parent’s needs. The carrier holds a certificate issued by TÜV research unit. It confirms quality and security.

Skin-sensitive material

A high-quality cotton material the carrier is made of assures suitable air circulation and prevents irritations of child’s soft skin. Margareet also has a retractable hood which effectively protects the child against variable weather.

Elegant and neutral design

Due to its function, the carrier becomes an integral part of young parent’s clothing. Designing Margareet, the manufacturer has taken care of high-quality materials and also made sure the fabric comes in elegant and subdued colors. Thanks to this, the child can accompany parents in less or more official situations.

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