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Bruse Stígvél Lág – Olive

4.494 kr.

Trysnes is a low boot, which is great for moving to and from on rainy days. The boot is easy to step into, and easily becomes a favorite when you need to get away quickly. Wool blend sole and cold barrier insulate well on cold days.

Outer: 50% rubber, 50% other
Inside: 60% polyester, 40% cotton
Insole: 50% wool, 50% polyester

The outside is washed off with a damp cloth/rinsed. Rubber boots should be stored in a dark and dry place. Avoid drying boots in direct sunlight.

If white areas appear on the boot – called blooming – this is not a reason for complaint, but a sign of health. It shows that the boot has a high proportion of raw rubber. If raw rubber comes to the surface, it reacts with oxygen and will oxidize – give a white coating. The shiny surface can be recreated by treating with care products for boots – or products containing silicone.

Size Goal (insole)
22 14,5
23 15,3
24 15,8
25 16,5
26 17,2
27 17,8
28 18,6
29 19,2
30 20
31 20,4
32 21,2
33 21,8
34 22,5
35 23,1