Hjálmur Metro – Petrol Blár

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Wear With Pride

A helmet should be something you are proud to wear, and that won’t be a problem with the Crazy Safety Petroleum Blue urban city helmet, because it’s really coolThe unique shape and the cool features makes sure that you won’t use it because you have to, but because you want to.

Making Safety Cool

Our mission is to combine design and safety in the coolest way we can, so that being safe, is being cool. We have a wide variety of unique and cool products in the Crazy Safety universe.

A Safe Choice

The Crazy Safety Urban city helmets are constructed with shock-absorbing inner EPS foam, with a sturdy ABS shell. The size is M/L 53cm – 59cm and can easily be adjusted with the internal rotational dial fit system. The helmet has a cool detachable shade. Big well placed ventilation holes in the front, top and rear provides a good flow of air. A red safety LED light with 3 functions is built into the dial, and the battery is easy to change. Strong reflective straps, Peak rubber plate and removeable and washable inner cushions. The Crazy Safety city bike helmets are ideal for cycling, skateboarding, scooter riding, BMX biking, and rollerblading.

Safety First

The Crazy Safety bike helmets for adults comply with all safety standards. The helmets haves passed rigorous safety testing and comply with EN 1078 + A1 02/2013 The helmet comes with cool reflective straps and red Led light in the back.

Good to Know

Head sizes can vary greatly. For the best and safest fit,measure the circumference of your head before purchase. See how to measure your head size here:

  • Stand up with your head facingforward
  • Locate the widest part of your head (right above the eyebrows)
  • Place a measuring tape around the head, keeping it in level to measure the circumference.
  • Check the measurement in cm and compare with our sizing chart. If the measure is between 53cm and 59cm the helmet will fit.

Product Details

  • Origin: Designed and developed in Denmark, made in PRC
  • Safety: Tested and certified according to safety standard EN 1078+ A1 :02/2013
  • Material: ABS shell/protective EPS foam
  • Weight: 418g
  • Ventilation: 9 ventilation holes
  • Maintenance: Removeable and washable inner cushions
  • Extra features: Reflective straps, detachable shade and reflective stickers
  • Size: Head size – 53cm to 59cm

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