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Lionelo Julie One Kerra – Stone Grey

44.890 kr.

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A large and deep sunshade with integrated window assures high travel comfort and effective protection against variable weather. Julie One is equipped with a stepless backrest adjustment and footrest adjustment. The child cannot slide out of the stroller thanks to 5-point safety belts and two-sided detachable bow covered in eco-leather. Julie One is a combination of functionality, light structure and elegant design. Low weight of the stroller and durable wheels with shock absorbers guarantee considerable maneuverability and high comfort of travel. Thanks to a wide range of accessories, parents can prepare themselves for any circumstances so that a child is comprehensively taken care of.

Light frame and compact folding

A light aluminum frame makes Julie One maneuverable and user-friendly. It is possible to fold the stroller and make it compact for easier transportation and storage. It is possible to fold the stroller and reduce its size, thus the product is easy to store and transport. Julie One frame is made of high-quality aluminum so that the stroller is light and highly durable.

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