Lionelo Luna 3in1 Co-sleeper – Beige Sand

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Lionelo Luna – co-sleeper cot and free-standing cot

One of the basic needs of every child is a sense of security. It will be ensured by the proximity of a parent, something you can also take care of at night! Sleeping together with a toddler, or so-called co-sleeping, has many advantages. Among other things, it influences a calmer sleep and helps build a bond between child and parent. It brings benefits for everyone – you can give up your nightly wanderings in favour of feeding in bed, thus gaining precious minutes of sleep. Practising this method is made possible by the Lionelo Luna cot – a model that functions as a co-sleeping cot and a free-standing piece of furniture that is easy to wander around the house with.

Solutions for pragmatic parents

The Lionelo Luna cot is the option for enthusiasts of practical solutions! You can treat the product as an extra or as a stand-alone piece of furniture. It is dedicated to toddlers from day one until the child starts to sit up independently or reaches a weight of 9 kilograms. An ergonomic foam mattress is responsible for its healthy sleep, which guarantees optimum support for the delicate spine and a peaceful rest. The design is also noteworthy. The Lionelo Luna cot is available in two colours: soft Beige Sand and Grey Concrete. This way, everyone can find a model to suit their interiors.

All for safety

The Lionelo Luna cot complies with the EN 1130 and 16890 standards. It has a stable construction and mesh walls for optimum air circulation. They allow your child to observe what’s going on around them while you keep an eye on your little one! You can easily take care of the hygiene of the product. Its cover and mattress cover can be quickly removed and washed.

With parents in mind

Seemingly small things can make life easier – we know that well! This is why the Lionelo Luna cot has been designed to provide comfort not only for toddlers but also for adults. The height of the mattress can be adjusted in 7 levels, so you can easily fit it to your bed. Another great advantage of the product is the ability to change the angle of the tilt, which is particularly useful in the event of a runny nose or problems with drooling.

With you, wherever you want

The Lionelo Luna cot has 4 wheels with a locking function and weighs really little. It’s a combination that makes it easy to move the product around – one minute your toddler is sleeping in the bedroom, and the next you can keep an eye on it while you indulge in household chores in a completely different room. It is also worth noting the capacious basket, where you can store the necessary accessories and more easily find the ones you need at the moment.


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