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Lionelo June Ömmustóll – Grey Stone/Dökkgrár

19.890 kr.


At Lionelo, we know very well that you are ready to do everything for your children. Long hours rocking your baby to tuck them to sleep or provide some fun? On the one hand, no problem, on the other hand, everyone needs a break, a moment just for themselves or some time to jump in the shower or cook dinner.

Natural rocking motion

With this in mind, we created the Lionelo June rocker. It can be used by children from the first day of life until they reach a weight of 9 kg or until they begin to sit up on their own. It imitates the natural balancing motion of rocking, so the toddler will feel almost like they are in a parent’s embrace. At the same time, you do not have to worry about their safety, because in the Lionelo June rocker they are taken care of by a stable structure and 3-point harness equipped with a soft protector.

Ergonomic posture

Rocked in the rocker, the toddler can rest peacefully. Thanks to the proper profile of the Lionelo June seat, we will maintain the correct position of support for the child’s spine and head. The product’s cover has been tailored to conform to the natural curves of the body evenly distributing the weight of the body. In addition, it is pleasant to the touch, does not irritate the skin and is washable. Peaceful rest is important, but you’re probably wondering what if your toddler is in the mood to play? The Lionelo June rocker has a detachable headband with two toys that will successfully occupy a baby who craves a bit of entertainment. The colorful accessories will effectively encourage the toddler to move and stretch their hands to satisfy their curiosity. The minimalist design of the Lionelo June rocker makes it fit into almost any interior.

Natural rocking

The Lionelo June rocker does not provide the toddler with unnecessary stimuli. It moves thanks to the child’s natural movements, so the baby develops motor skills and sense of balance. Rocking is actually also a necessary stimulation of the labyrinth for proper development. Younger babies can be gently and quietly rocked by hand, calming them and providing a sense of security that comes from the close presence of a parent.

Easy to carry

Such a helper is not worth parting with! Its light weight allows you to easily move it between rooms, as well as take it with you on any trip, even the smallest one to friends living nearby. You can easily fold it flat, so the Lionelo June rocker won’t take up much space in your car. Compact folding also means convenient storage! In addition, non-slip elements prevent the rocker from sliding during use and protect the floor from scratches.

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