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Rúmhlíf – Grey Stone – Lionelo

12.890 kr.

Sleeping together with a child has many benefits. The toddler feels safer by the parent’s side and wakes up less often, so adults can also rest easy. Co-sleeping also makes feeding easier. Mom, having her baby at hand, will give the toddler food without getting out of bed. However, the topic of joint leisure should be approached responsibly and the safety of the child should be a primary concern.

Safety of your child

The Lionelo Lora Grey Stone safety gate will protect your baby from falling off the bed. This allows a parent to sleep peacefully throughout the night next to their child. Our product is equipped with a StandSafe locking mechanism, which eliminates the likelihood of the structure folding, interrupting your much-awaited sleep or afternoon nap. In addition, the upper part has a soft foam protection – protecting the child leaning against the edges. What’s more, the safety gate has a double locking mechanism that eliminates the possibility of accidental opening.

Take it with you everywhere

Thanks to its lightweight and comfortable design, the Lionelo Lora Grey Stone safety gate will keep your little one safe wherever you are. They fit any type of bed, so you can easily mount them to the furniture, for example, during a holiday trip. Having the Lora safety gate with you, the little one will be able to gather strength for another day of fun by your side! The easy folding system means you can pack them up in an instant and stow them in the convenient carrying bag included.

Comfortable and intuitive

The Lionelo Lora Grey Stone safety gate is comfortable, its installation takes only a moment and does not require any interference with the furniture – forget about drilling holes or any other damage. You can quickly assemble the product without having to disassemble the structure, and spend the time you save on shared moments with your toddler.

For whom?

Our safety gates are a great solution for parents sleeping with their toddlers. They will serve you for a long time, because they can be used by children from the age of 18 months until their 5th birthday!

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