Þvottastykki 3pck – Bambus

6.890 kr.

Set of three functional, Bamboo Face / Burp / Wash Towels is a useful parenting product.
A layette must-have!

This product can serve as:
1. Baby’s face cloth. Same as for adults, two separate towels should be used for the face and the rest of the baby’s body.
2. Burp cloth that protects against shoulder splotching.
3. Cloth to wipe toothy baby, bamboo terry is very absorbing.
4. Wash cloth.

We offer cute set of three bamboo trim towels, available in different colour variations.

Towels are made in Poland and keep the highest quality standards.

Size: around 25×28

Colours: ecru + light grey + beige

Composition: 100 % bamboo, loop wale yarn, grammage: 500 GSM

EAN: 5906642049290

Used Terry holds the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX Certificate – I class.

Care instruction: machine wash at max 40ºC. Use the gentle wash cycle rather than hand wash. Do not use bleach or chlorine. Do not use fabric softener. Once washed give them a little shake to fluff up. Frequently used and washed become naturally tattered.

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