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Arm kútar 18-30kg – Cool Summer

2.990 kr.

Playing outside together, enjoying the sun and eating an ice cream at the end of the day – that’s how summer is great fun! COOL SUMMER brings a real summer feeling even on grey days. Take a look at the different ice cream flavours: Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, lemon or mint chocolate chip? Which is your favourite ice cream?

Our swim wings provide your children with optimal safety and comfort when they start exploring the water. This makes them the perfect accessory for children who love to be in the water but not yet have learned to swim.
Our swim wings are inflated with safety valves that are pushed into the ring and do not interfere with water fun.

Like all items in our SWIM collection, our swim wings are also made of particularly high-quality PVC with a thickness of 0.25 mm.

Recommended age: 3-6 years
Recommended weight: 18-30 kg

Swim wings are not life-saving devices and do not protect against drowning. Therefore, the swim wings should only be used under constant and competent adult supervision. Never leave children unattended in or nearby water.

Our swim wings are carefully tested as well as approved according to the European standard EN-13138-1 and they carry the CE mark.

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