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Lionelo Jessy Hlaupahjól – Grey/Brown

11.890 kr.

Hentar börnum upp að 50kg.

Movement from an early age contributes to all-around motor development, improving motor coordination, muscle strength and balance in children. In addition, regular physical activity has a positive effect on the development of the cardiovascular system and supports the maintenance of a healthy body weight from early childhood. The perfect choice would be the Lionelo Jessy  balance scooter!

Fun and development in one

The Lionelo Jessy balance scooter is designed for little explorers who want to combine fun and skill development. Designed for children aged 3 and older, it is the perfect companion for their first steps into the world of riding a scooter.

Safety first

Lionelo Jessy  balance scooter is a choice you can rely on. It uses many solutions to ensure maximum safety for your child. The non-slip finish of the platform prevents slipping even in tougher conditions. The integrated brake on the rear axle is reinforced with steel, which guarantees reliability and effective braking. Advanced ABEC-7 bearings provide smooth and stable handling.

Joy in every move

Three sturdy wheels guarantee stability and security, while comfortable handles make the Lionelo Jessy  balance scooter a pleasure to use. What’s more, the LED lights in the wheels activate as you move, adding even more fun and color to every adventure.

Tailored to meet the needs

Lionelo Jessy  balance scooter grows with your child and adapts to your child’s needs and parents’ convenience. The height of the handlebars can be adjusted in four stages (65/70/75/80 cm) for optimal positioning. The special handlebar mounting system eliminates the need for complicated adjustments of wheel alignment and handlebars.

Lightweight and durable

The scooter’s low weight makes it easy to carry and store. The frame made of modern materials like fiberglass is easy to keep clean – just a light wipe with a damp cloth is enough to keep the Lionelo Jessy balance scooter always looking like new.

Safety and quality

Our scooter meets strict safety standards (EN71-1/2/3), which is a guarantee that your little one can enjoy playing in complete safety. The 65-degree handlebar turn limiter ensures stability and control, and the geometry-matched brake ensures instant and efficient braking.

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