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Silicone Nestisbox Hvalur – Toasted Almond

3.990 kr.

No day at the beach is complete without a picnic, because at the exact same moment, you’ve made yourself comfortable on your blanket, you start to feel hungry. Luckily, the grown-ups are well-prepared: With our whale-shaped silicone bowls, all your favourite snacks are served in a flash. If you want to save something for later, you can simply close the whale bowl with the matching lid. In this way, your food won’t get quite so sandy and stays fresh for a longer time.

Our bowls are made from silicone with a soft surface. Silicone is a very flexible material that does not crack or break like plastic. Our snack bowls are dishwasher safe. With our whale-shaped silicone bowls, you will make the most of picnics.

I’m made of


100% silicone
Height (cm) 6
Width (cm) 18
Length (cm) 12
Net. weight (grams) 268


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