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Lionelo Babybalance – Ungbarnavigt

12.890 kr.

What makes it stand out:

· Automatic measurement lock – scale measures despite baby’s movements

· Measurement displayed for 25 seconds

· Possibility to tare the scale

· Storage of the value of the last measurement in the history

· Accuracy up to 5g

· Maximum load: 20 kg

BabyBalance White scale is a device that allows parents to systematically monitor their baby’s growth. Thanks to home measurements, it is possible to assess the effectiveness of feeding and notice any irregularities related to weight gain. The device is equipped with an automatic measurement lock, which shows the exact weight of the baby, even when the baby gently moves during weighing. To make it easier to read, the measurement result is displayed for 25 seconds after locking – even when the baby is lifted – and the last measurement is stored in the scale’s memory and can be read as soon as it is turned on. BabyBalance White guarantees the most precise measurement possible thanks to its tare function. The weighing itself is done with an accuracy of 5 g, and the contoured surface allows the parent to position the little one comfortably. For very active children, you can use the manual lock option.

Tailored to your baby’s needs

The BabyBalance scale is shaped in a way that allows you to comfortably position your baby while weighing. The automatic measurement lock allows you to read the baby’s weight, even when the baby moves slightly. For extremely active babies, the parent can also use the manual lock option.


The device has programmed as many as 4 units to choose from – kg,g,Ib,st:Ib. The measurement itself is made with an accuracy of 5 g, so the result obtained is very reliable. The parent can also use the tare function, which allows the child to be weighed with a baby pad, for example, without affecting the final result.

Easy to read

The result is displayed on a large, backlit screen and is visible for up to 25 seconds after locking – even after the child is lifted off the scale. To allow a parent to easily compare results, the device remembers the last measurement and displays it when turned on again.

Energy saving

An energy-saving function turns off the device when not in use after 25 seconds. In the event of a low battery or overload, the scale warns the user by displaying a dedicated message. The battery is not part of the set.

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