Lionelo June Air Ömmustóll – Graphite/Grár

19.890 kr.


We know you want to spend every second with your child. But that doesn’t mean you can’t let yourself take a breather. What’s more, at Lionelo we know how to balance the two – meet the Lionelo Air rocker – a safe place for your baby to play and rest.

Natural movement

The Lionelo June Air rocker moves with the baby’s natural movements, which develops motor skills and sense of balance. Rocking is actually also a necessary stimulation of the labyrinth for proper development. It provides a sensation similar to rocking in a parent’s arms.

Unique cover

The cover of the Lionelo June Air rocker is made of a mesh-weave material that provides ideal air circulation. The fabric is pleasant to the touch and does not irritate the baby’s delicate skin. You can easily pull off the protective cover and wash it by hand.

Ergonomic posture

The Lionelo June Air rocker is suitable for babies from the first day of life until they reach 9 kilograms or until they start sitting up on their own. They can rest in it, maintaining the correct position. This model provides adequate support for the spine and head. The shape of the cover of the Lionelo June Air rocker adapts to the natural curves of the body and distributes its weight. You also don’t have to worry about the safety of your baby, because in addition to a stable structure, we took care of 3-point harness with soft padding to maintain their position.

Detachable toy headband

What if a child gets the urge to play? No problem, the product has a detachable headband with two toys that will successfully satisfy the child’s curiosity and provide entertainment. Babies in the first months see contrasting colors best, when designing our toys we took this into account – so as to interest even the smallest kids.

Easy to carry

The light weight means that you don’t actually have to part with the rocker. You can easily take it with you when traveling or visiting friends. You can fold Lionelo June Air flat at any time. The compact folding design allows it to be transported efficiently and stored effortlessly. We also added non-slip features that prevent the rocker from sliding and protect the floor from scratches.

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