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lionelo SunShade

Lionelo’s SunShade window sunshade is the perfect addition to any car. Thanks to it, even the longest journeys in the sun will not be problematic. The sunshade effectively protects the smallest passengers from irritating light and also reduces the heat build-up in the car. Easy and quick installation requires no tools, and the universal size means that the product fits most car models. The sunshades are made of safe and durable materials, which are characterized by high durability. The set consists of two sunshades and a special bag for easy storage.

Comfort during every journey

The product perfectly protects the child from harmful UV radiation and ensures that the right temperature is maintained inside the car. The fabric of the sunshade effectively filters out the sun’s harsh rays, but still allows the child to observe its surroundings unobstructed. It is suitable for toddlers, whose delicate skin requires extra protection, as well as older children for whom the sun prevents them from traveling comfortably in the rear seat. The set includes two sunshades.

Easy and convenient installation

The universal size of the sunshade makes the product suitable for most car models. Installation takes place using special non-invasive suction cups, which do not damage the surface of the glass. The use of two suction cups ensures that the sunshade adheres well and can be used for several years. The product also has special handles that allow easy removal.

High-quality materials

The sunshade is made of high-quality materials that are not only durable, but also safe. In the event of any dirt, simply use a damp cloth to keep the product clean. A practical bag is also included for easy storage.

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