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Lionelo Timmy Hlaupahjól – Pink Rose

14.890 kr.


Hentar börnum upp að 50kg.

Lionelo Timmy  scooter

The perfect gift for a child? Get to know more about the Lionelo Timmy  scooter! We are sure that it will guarantee your child many hours of wonderful fun, which at the same time will positively influence the development of the little one, shaping its coordination and developing its motor skills!

First of all: safety

Timmy  scooter is great for all children from the age of 3 until they reach 50 kg. At Lionelo, we are well aware that no matter the age of the child, great fun must go hand in hand with safety. That’s why we took care of the smallest details when creating our three-wheeled scooter! The overall design is ergonomically shaped, and in addition, for the sake of the child’s stable posture while riding, the platform is equipped with a non-slip finish. We also didn’t forget about a proper brake, which was integrated into the rear axle.

Modern design

Our Lionelo Timmy  scooter draws attention to itself with its unique design and distinctive color. We’re sure your little one will love it at first sight, thanks in part to the motion-powered LED lights placed in the wheels and platform (batteries in the platform last for about 50 hours of operation).

Take it wherever you want

The Lionelo Timmy  scooter requires no assembly, so as soon as you take it out of the package your child can start enjoying its new equipment! What is important, the structure is easy to fold, due to which the child does not have to part with its beloved scooter even on vacation.

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