VildarVinir fá VildarVerð í vefverslun (Kóði: VildarVinir)

Regnhanskar – Fölbleikir

1.999 kr.

Water column: 30,000mm

Kuling rain mittens are produced in a strong and durable material. The mittens have tightening over the wrist, so that they sit well on the hand. In order to utilize surplus resources, the lining is produced from wool residues from other production. The lining can therefore have a different colour. The Merino wool is guaranteed Mulesing-free, and is tested for chemical residues and is of the very highest quality. The gloves are produced with a focus on avoiding environmentally hazardous substances.

Available in three sizes:
Size 2 is 2-4 years
Size 4 is 4-6 years

100% Polyurethane Coating 100% Polyester,
Lining: 80% Wool, 20% Polyester

Machine washable at 40 degrees. Do not iron, tumble dry, dry clean or bleach.