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Sundgalli 1-2 ára – Cool Summer

6.990 kr.

With our charming UV suit for children, sunny days at the pool, on the beach or in the garden will be even more fun! The great UV suit with long sleeves and shorts offers UV 50 + protection and feels comfortable on the child’s soft skin.
Our UV suit delights children of all ages with fantastic, hand-drawn illustrations: Choose between magical seahorses, bubbly turtles and delicious ice cream and let the water fun begin!

Our UV suits are available in two sizes:

1-2 years / 80-92
3-4 years / 98-104

How to care for your swimwear:

Wash your UV suit thoroughly under running water after every bath.
Always leave your UV suit to dry in the shade.

Instructions for use:
The UV protection of your swimwear may be reduced over time or by stretching the swimwear. Bright colours may fade over time, due to direct sunlight or contact with highly chlorinated water.

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