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Sundhringur með sæti 7-18kg – Rainbow Reed

4.990 kr.

There is nothing like seahorseback riding through the coral reef!
With our baby swim ring with magical seahorses, your trip to the beach or swimming pool will be even more enjoyable, because with the ring, your baby can explore the water together with you at its own pace.
Your perfect bathing companion has a practical seat and a backrest that offers your baby secure support and comfort.
The swim ring is inflated with a safety valve that is pushed into the ring and does not interfere with water fun.
Our baby bath rings are also made of particularly high-quality PVC with a thickness of 0.25 mm.

Recommended age: 1-3 years
Recommended weight: 7-18 kg

A baby swim ring is not a life-saving device and does not protect against drowning. Therefore, the baby swim ring should only be used under constant and competent adult supervision. Never leave children unattended in or nearby water.

Never leave this product in or near the water when not in use. Stay away from the pool edge or any obstacle during use. Do not use this product when it is windy or in water with strong currents.

Our baby swim rings are carefully tested as well as approved according to the European standard EN-13138-3 and they carry the CE mark.

Height (cm) 26
Width (cm) 55
Length (cm) 55
Net. weight (grams) 210


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