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Bruse Bangsa Fleecepeysa m/hettu + vasa – Ljósbleik

7.192 kr.

The Teddy fleece is a lovely garment for cool days. The lovely “teddy” quality is soft and allows free movement. In addition, it provides good insulation. The hood fits well and a zip in the front makes it easy to get on and off. Elastic cuffs and edging around the hips are practical and nice details. Zippered chest pocket can hide valuable treasures.

Material: 100% polyester

Machine wash at 40 degrees. Do not iron, tumble dry, bleach or dry clean. Avoid using fabric softener, and avoid washing fleece products together with cotton garments.

Size guide
The jumper is normal in size.

Size Age
92 2 years
98 3 years
104 4 years
110 5 years
116 6 years
122 7 years
128 8 years
134 9 years
140 10 years
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