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Hjólabjalla – Svartur Dreki

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A bicycle bell is an important safety tool that allows you to warn others and prevent accidents while riding. With the Crazy Safety Animal black dragon Bell, your children can learn about the importance of safety in afun way! These bells are not just functional, they are characters that accompany your child on their journey and encourage them to ring the bell notjust because they have to, but because they want to. The colourful Crazy Safety bells are vibrant and safe companions for every bicycle.


Our mission is to combine design and safety in the coolest way we can, so that being safe, is being cool. We have a wide variety of unique and cool products in the Crazy Safety universe.


Bike bells contribute to a much safer journey. With one quick flick, the unique and colourful animal bicycle bells from Crazy Safety ring with a loud and clear sound. They are easy to attach with the cool and soft silicone holder, and are all-weather resistant. The unique and detailed print matches the iconic Crazy Safety helmets, backpacks, and protection gear. These bells are suitable for all types of bikers, as they can be adjusted for right or left-hand use. The Crazy Safety bicycle bells are ideal for cycling, city biking, racing, scooter riding, BMX biking, balance biking, and other activities on wheels.


The Crazy Safety bicycle bells prioritize safety above all else. They are made with a sturdy aluminum cover, a solid plastic base, and a strong silicone strap, resulting in a product that produces a loud and clear sound.


A bell with a clear and loud ring is an important safety feature. Over time, dust and rain can accumulate in the small space between the aluminum cover and the plastic base. To maintain optimal conditions for the best ring, rotate the aluminum cover periodically to keep the space clean. Fits all handlebars.



  • Origin: Designed and developed in Denmark, made in PRC
  • Safety: Loud and clear ring sound
  • Material: Aluminum, silicone and durable plastic
  • Weight: 60g
  • Extra features: Right or left-hand use
  • Size: 6cm x 4cm x 4cm

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