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Lionelo Cloe Kerra – Beige Sand

49.890 kr.



Discover our latest solution compact stroller on large wheels. At Lionelo, we aim to ensure that our strollers are equipped with all the amenities that will allow you and your baby to travel comfortably in a variety of places and on a variety of surfaces. That’s why the Lionelo Cloe Black Onyx stroller will work well not only when strolling in your favorite park, but also when shopping in a crowded city center or traveling.


Turning wheels


The model is suitable for children from 6 months to 4 years old. The large, maintenance-free wheels are made of durable and flexible EVA foam. The front ones rotate 360°, making it easy to maneuver the stroller. Cushioning in the front and rear ensures comfort for the child while riding. The built-in click&ride system allows parents to take long steps, and the foot brake will guarantee a safe stop.

Compact folding

You can easily fold the Lionelo Cloe Black Onyx stroller with one hand. You can also use the auto-folding system – at the push of a button, the stroller will fold itself. You can easily fit it even in a small car trunk. The durable aluminum frame weighs only 8.2 kg. You can easily carry the stroller on your shoulder. With this in mind, we have included a special cover and belt.

Tailored to the child’s preferences

The Cloe model’s seat can be adjusted, and you can also unfold the backrest into a reclining position when your little one feels like taking a nap. The 5-point harness will provide stability for the child, and the railing will further secure the toddler. On the footrest finished in eco leather your child can comfortably rest its feet.

Even more advantages

Lionelo Cloe Black Onyx stroller is equipped with a waterproof XXL canopy with UPF50+ filter, which will protect the child in changeable weather and provide pleasant shade on a sunny day. In the large, capacious basket under the seat you can fit shopping or all the accessories you need while walking. The practical cup holder will hold your favorite beverage. For your safety, we added reflective elements to the stroller. If dirt appears, you can wash the cover and basket, and you can wipe the frame with a damp cloth.

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