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Ferðataska – Rainbow Reef

13.990 kr.

Ready, set, go! With your FILIBABBA suitcase, you can effortlessly roll into your holidays, because there’s room for (almost) all your treasures.
At an impressive 30x40x15 cm, our suitcase has the perfect carry-on size and is big enough for you to pack your favourite clothes. Now all you have to do is pull out the telescopic handle, grab your favourite teddy bear, and you’re ready for vacation!

Our suitcase is available in summery favourite prints and has everything a child’s suitcase needs; from luggage straps and a mesh pocket for small items on the inside to a practical top handle, the easy-to-clean upper material made from recycled RPET and an integrated wheel system.

What’s RPET?
This cute suitcase bag is made of RPET, which is polyester fabric made from recycled plastic. The plastic is collected, cleaned, crushed and then spun into thread and made into fabric. When using recycled PET instead of new polyester we can remove plastic from nature and give the material a second chance! When purchasing products made from recycled materials you contribute to a more sustainable textile production.

Height (cm) 42
Width (cm) 32
Length (cm) 15
Net. weight (grams) 1700
I’m made of


Recycled polyester, steel, PP

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