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Lionelo Alex Plus – Beige Sand

19.990 kr.

Alex Plus  – balance bike

What makes it stand out:

● Lightweight maintenance-free wheels

● Non-slip grips made of soft rubber

● Handlebar rotation limiter

● Storage basket for small items

● Intuitive handlebars assembly

● Large comfortable saddle

Features loved by parents

● With adjustable handlebars and saddle, the bike is a perfect fit for a growing child.

● The handlebar rotation limiter minimizes the risk of tipping over, so that walking together is pure pleasure!


lionelo Alex Plus is the ideal companion for children aged 3 and older, enabling them to safely explore the world on two wheels. With its lightweight steel structure and maintenance-free EVA foam wheels, Alex Plus is extremely easy to handle. To prevent confusion, we have designed the bike so that the handlebars can only be mounted in one way: the correct one. The axle of the wheel and the handlebars are always aligned, ensuring structural integrity and added safety during rides. Non-slip soft rubber grips and intuitive handlebar rotation limiter provide an extra level of protection. The balance bike also features a large saddle and textured footrest to enhance comfort. The functionality is further enhanced by a handy basket to store all essential items.

Maintenance-free EVA wheels

Made of high-quality foam, the 30.5 cm diameter wheels guarantee reliability and riding comfort on a variety of terrains without pumping up.

Designed to grow with your child

Thanks to the height-adjustable saddle (30–35 cm) and handlebars (52–58 cm), the bike grows with your little one (up to a weight of 30 kg), ensuring comfort and the correct posture for every adventure.

Non-slip grips

Ergonomic grips provide maximum control and comfort, increasing safety even during dynamic drives.

Handlebar rotation limiter

What sets our bike apart is the handlebar rotation limiter feature. It is designed to ensure safe turning by restricting the angle of manoeuvre to prevent uncontrolled movements.



Practical basket for essentials

The basket adds to the functionality of the bike, allowing your child to bring along their favourite items along for the ride.


Stable and lightweight frame

The sturdy but lightweight steel frame with a footrest, in combination with PP and TPR plastics, ensures durability and extended years of use.

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