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Sundvesti 3-4 ára – Bleikt Summer

5.000 kr.

Learning to swim is as exciting as it is challenging for your child, especially if your little one is a bit afraid of the water. Our float vest with UV 50+ protection provides a big hug and extra confidence in the pool and helps to keep your child in a natural swimming position when practising the very first swimming strokes. With our NORDIC OCEAN MONO print, your little swimmer is well-equipped for every underwater adventure to come.
Get prepared to wrap a towel around a very proud child after swimming practice!

Our float vest easily adapts to your childs’ improving swimming skills, for thanks to the removable foam elements, you can determine how much the vest supports your little one in the water. Once your child swims independently, the vest can still be used for increased UV protection. For optimal support, we recommend that you always ensure sufficient buoyancy.

Our float vests are available in two sizes:

1-2 years: Recommended weight 9-15 kg, chest size 51 cm.
3-4 years: Recommended weight 15-25 kg, chest size 56 cm.

A float vest is not a life-saving device and does not protect against drowning. Therefore, the float vest should only be used under constant and competent adult supervision. The float vest is not suitable for sailing.

Our float vests are carefully tested as well as approved according to the European standard EN-13138-1 and they carry the CE mark.

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